The Bridge - Research Platform

The Bridge is a research platform for Linguistic Processing and Language Technology at the Department of International Business Communication, Copenhagen Business School. We explore the opportunities that state-of-the-art technology can provide for Business Communication, Linguistics and Cognitive Science.

COLLABORATORS: The Bridge has associated university partners around the world, with a special emphasis on the BRICS countries. We cooperate with several national and international enterprises, as well as NGOs and public institutions.

BACKGROUND: The global commercial scene is changing rapidly. New markets emerge, so Danish and international companies and organizations need to understand how to establish and maintain contact with the customers, clients, vendors and professional partners, who have come within reach. Communicating over linguistic and cultural borders is always a challenge. However, some hurdles can be removed by a strategic and innovative use of modern communication solutions combining linguistic competence, technological expertise and entrepreneurship. The Bridge wants to play a leading role in this process.

FIELDS OF EXPERTISE: Formal, Computational and Applied Linguistics, Machine translation, User studies, Psycho-linguistics, Phonetics, Computer science.

TOOLS AND METHODS: Our research projects involve high-technological tools and methods, such as psycho-linguistic and psycho-acoustic analysis, speech technology (TTS and ASR), computer enabled translation (Machine Translation and Computer-Aided Translation), text-mining and machine learning.

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